Breastfeeding and Bikini competition

I want to compete after the baby comes. This gives me hope!


Ok, I went back and forth on this post for a while.  Mostly because I feel sort of awkward talking about breastfeeding, but  also because I didn’t want to be judged for my decision to compete. Since breastfeeding is something I really believe in, and  since I couldn’t find much information on this topic when I was researching it, I thought I would share my experience with you. Although I can’t speak from the experience of breastfeeding an infant (my son is a toddler) while competing, I think much of what I learned would apply to younger babies too.

After pre-judging visiting the bambino After pre-judging visiting the bambino

The first thing you may wonder when competing is how the diet will affect your milk supply. Since I competed  for the first time when my son was 15 months, it wasn’t a big issue. My supply was well established and he was eating plenty of…

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November Goals

I’ve never been one to write out monthly goals, but it seems to be a good idea since I have been getting lazier throughout pregnancy. I really want to get back on track and not let bad habits form or get worse. I am excited, for the first time ever, that it’s actually snowing! So the first snow calls for my first set of goals.

● Stay on track with nutrition: I use the my fitness pal app. I used to be religious about staying under or at my daily goal, but I have been slacking big time. Since I am pregnant, nutrition is probably the most important thing at the moment. Whatever I eat, baby eats!

● Stretch EVERY day: This is important to me. Not only is stretching and remaining limber important for expecting mothers, it is a time during the day to relax. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, that is 10 minutes of me time.

● Weight train at least 3X a week: I miss my muscles. I really do. If I can do this between calls at work or even during my lunch break, I will be much healthier for it. (Work from home props). I have a kettle bell, and I damn well better use it.

● Clean: This is pretty vague, but it involves many aspects. I have been better at keeping up with laundry, so I want to continue that. I also need to deep clean, at least once each month, the entire house. Oh, and I need to make the bed every day. I heard that is important psychologically or something, so ok.

● Thank my husband every day: Men are equally, if not more, emotional than women. They just have a harder time showing it. Men love praise even if they don’t admit it. I have realized that my husband is in a better mood when I tell him something good about him every day. Plus I love him, so this shouldn’t be too hard. 😉

● Work up to drinking a gallon of water each day: This is a goal I have been trying to reach for ever. I always just give up or ignore it after a while. Well not anymore. Going straight from 3 pints a day to a gallon a day isn’t very realistic, so I want to be at a gallon each day by mid November. My body and skin will thank me for it, especially living in Utah, one of the driest states ever.

●  Get my name change started: Oh my hell, changing your name after marriage is annoying. I’ve been married almost a month and have only changed it on social media. Claps for me. I want to have changed over my social security card and drivers license by the end of this month if at all possible.

My goals are 100 % reachable. If I think of any more I will add them here. I think a reward is needed at the end of each month if I reach my goals. Let’s say, I get to buy one thing from any store I want if I accomplish them all with a passing grade (B or A), no C’s here!


New Beginning

Hello fellow pressers. I am a recently married mother to be of a sweet baby girl. I am currently 23 weeks along. I am not as interested in starting a blog for followers, just mainly support and accountability. I plan on using this as a tool to stay on track with my goals in life, fitness, nutrition, and experiences. I am starting a masters in elementary education as well, and lord knows I need some motivation as I enter this new stage in my life.

One of the challenges I have encountered being pregnant is my lack of energy for literally everything. It takes so much mental effort for me to work efficiently. When I say work, I mean everything. The one thing that is making it all harder is that I have lost all desire to workout. I used to play collegiate volleyball, so you could say I worshiped the gym. I would have 6 am workouts, class, practice, then I would go to the gym at 10 pm for hours. I miss being that dedicated! I also miss that love and passion I had for fitness and I want it back.

So, here goes.